Join me as I talk about the 2017 Camaro 1LE reveal along with the new items added to the car, how I think GM is finally catering to their mass audience and how cool it is to have the 1LE!

I know a lot of you wanted a ZL1… GM has come out and said not yet!

Install Guide: 2016 Camaro SS VMax Ported Throttle Body + Review + Dyno Results!

I have been a fan of Ported Throttle bodies for a long time, overall the age long argument of ‘does this actually give you more power’ is always followed behind discussions of products like these. Well today not only do I show you how to install this easy and fairly inexpensive upgrade, but I also got Dyno results to help prove out that this addition should not be over looked in your quest to a fully stage 1 car.

2016 Camaro 2SS A8 Auto Dyno Day

I am working with the guys at BBK around some cool toys for our 2016 Camaro SS, that being said we did a few early base line runs to see how the car pulled in 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear. It seems 4th gear is the way to go for dyno’ing this beast.

This Dyno is what it is, no adjustments for elevation and not overly happy settings.

Overall the mileage on the car had just rolled over 1,000 and the car is 100% bone stock. I plan to do a few new runs with a Ported Throttle Body and Intake soon.

Install Guide: 2016 Camaro SS Reverse Light LED Replacement

I swapped my reverse lights and crafted a quick and dirty guide with my GoPro. Overall this swap isn’t that simple if you want to avoid the glowing LEDS of death. You will need a harness with an inline resistor on one side to eliminate the glow.

I have listed both the lights and the harness I used below the video.

Harness: ($12.99) – 

W21W LED’s: ($20.99) –