6.5″ Lethal Camaro Decals

I am happy to offer my first batch of custom Lethal Camaro decals! These are a first run and I have been testing them on my car. They stick well, but you need to be very careful when washing as the decal design has some thin lines.

I have an offering of Gloss Black, Gloss White and Carbon Fiber available as of today, and they will ship via USPS. Cost includes shipping.


  • Currently only shipping to the continental (48 states) United States.
  • Silver and Hyper Blue colors coming soon!

Carbon Fiber – $8.75

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Gloss White – $7.50

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Gloss Black- $7.50

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Gloss Red – $7.50

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Gloss Green – $8.75

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Gloss Pink – $7.50

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2016 YouTube Supporters!

It was just an idea, sharing my feedback and crafting install guides from my garage. I never thought it would amount to much outside of me maybe getting a few views and helping a few others like myself looking for information and details on certain products.

Fast forward to today and … I am not sure what to say. With over 2.8M video views and 11.5k Subscribers in my first year is simply crazy talk. It turned my simply sharing into a part time gig of sharing my passion with tens of thousands of car enthusiasts.

But to make it even crazier, many of you have stepped up and helped me get the channel rolling with new content via donations; that helped me buy a few new CAI’s for testing and apply a few bucks towards a new GoPro and mic. Overall your support in watching and comments all the way to donating funds can never be thanked enough.

I thank each of you for your support and want to make sure everyone knows who you are.
Sam Corona – 7/4/16
Zachary Stiver – 7/7/16
Dave the Viking – 7/10/16
zachary norton – 7/21/16
John Weber – 7/24/16
Kenneth S – 8/8/16
Geno Kearney – 8/19/16
Unknown – 8/22/16
Unknown – 9/3/16
kywildcats – 9/29/16
MRXXIV – 12/11/16

One car guy helping another…